Senior FOCUS Ministry Opportunities

Please contact Ed Tennent at for additional information regarding these ministry opportunities.


11/30/2014 - 12/21/2014


12/10/2014 - 12/10/2014

"HIM" Singers

12/14/2014 - 12/14/2014

Heritage Caroling & Cookies!

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Heritage SENIOR F.O.C.U.S. is a group of people who love the Lord Jesus Christ, and who want to be involved in service to Him by ministering to others. We are active, and are by no means ready to retire and “sit on the sidelines”! We’ve lived long enough to know we can make a difference and are looking for ways to do just that! Our intention is to involve ourselves in fulfilling the mission of Heritage by doing our part to BE and to make committed disciples of Christ.

If you’re interested in a place where you can join in this type of ministry, we’d love to have YOU!

Keeping the ministry fresh is always a priority, and new ideas are welcome. Just remember if you come with a new idea, you’ll be challenged to work with us on it!

The goal of this ministry is to emphasize the wisdom, courage, gifts and talents of our seniors, and to challenge them as they continue using those strengths in ministry to others through evangelism, visitation, telephone ministry, fellowship, service projects and ministry to widows and singles within the senior age group, as well as any others who may need assistance.

If you know a senior who needs us, you can contact the church office or Ed Tennent with the information. We’ll make a contact as soon as possible and do our best to minister to them in the Name of Jesus.

“CONNECT to God. GROW with others. IMPACT the world."